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My Name is Eleanor,

I work for South Dublin Libraries,

I’m from Dublin, Ireland and I have a book addiction 🙂

Real Tasty Pages was born out of my lifelong book obsession.
I read so much that I wanted to share what was good, what was not, what rocked my world!

Hopefully blog readers will find a great book that they’ll fall in love with out of my reviews!
I post roughly five days a week with posts ranging from book reviews to new release news.

I decided to incorporate some more lifestyle within my blog. I find I have so much I enjoy doing and talking about that I wanted to include it within my blog via my 365 days of the year pictures. 

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to comment, I’ll always comment back!

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  1. Thank you so much for following my blog, I’m already having fun wandering around yours. I noticed you did the 15 weird questions, too! (Justin Beiber’s ‘Never Say Never’ is one of my own guilty confessions lol)

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